Here’s what people are saying about working with me:

Beth has some of the strongest technical writing skills I have ever witnessed. Her vocabulary is broad and she is very sharp. She does a very good job of crafting content that is cogent and concise, allowing users/customers to easily understand and relate. I am especially impressed with her ability to create accessible content around any sort of customer process or legal jargon. Beth has that down.” – Nick Roach, February 2016


Always with a “can do” attitude of positive energy Beth has worn too many hats to count in a very small creative department. Extremely thorough and well researched, her knowledge base runs deep. Beth is our go to person to find out anything about anything on projects and product. All of this and yet she still manages to thrive in an extremely fast paced environment taking each directional change in stride without compromising creative vision or business goals. Her copy is witty, easy to understand, correct, always on brand and always with that little extra something that Beth brings to the table. Beth has been one of the best copy writers I’ve ever worked with and one of the most reliable coworkers to have on the team.” – Megan Kirby, February 2016


I’ve worked with a lot of copy writers and Beth is definitely one of my favorites. She asks a lot of questions, is thorough and always supplies copy in a timely manner, no matter the deadline. Her writing is fresh, clear and always accurate. She has an amazing wealth of knowledge in any topic, but still tackles each project by putting in a lot of research time to make sure the vision is authentic and factual. Best of all, she’s friendly, enthusiastic and an absolute pleasure to work with.” – Kerry Franz, April 2015


I’m a Beth believer. She was not only an excellent copywriter and editor, but her project management skills were a very pleasant surprise. 

We were looking to put together an ad campaign a bit out of the ordinary for an upcoming product release. The product was innovative in our space, so we were looking for some very clever ad copy. Beth was hired for this challenge and hit the ground running. She churned out hundreds if not thousands of ideas and finished ads in a short period of time that satisfied these big expectations. 

The team enjoyed working with her and responded really well to her ideas. Her work was both timely and well polished. If the need presented itself in the future, I would absolutely hire her again.” – Tyler Champley, September 2013


Beth volunteered for the Annual Bethlehem Walk event for several years. BW hosts over 2000 members of the community every year in a tour of the town of Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’ birth. Beth always brought her positve attitude to the event and encouraged the rest of the team to do their best. Beth acted as both tour giude and performer, including acting, singing and dancing. She also assisted with set up, tear down and design. Beth is a talented and positive team player.” – Jennifer Bolles, March 2013


Elizabeth Wade is a fantastic writer and collaborator, plying her due diligence as a contracted, independent script writer on two comic book projects, PHANTASMAGLORIA and EAT & RUN here at QEW Publishing. Having her aboard as writer would be a significant boost to the development to any project’s production.” – Quenton Shaw, July 2012


Beth is quick, thoughtful and detail oriented. A pleasure to work with and learn from!” – Holly Golightly, April 2009


It has been a pleasure to work with Beth at Seattle Free School. When working with Beth I know that she will follow through with tasks and assignments and take initiative to take on new projects without being asked. We would be lucky to have more people involved that have Beth’s incredible drive.” – Jessica Dally, July 2009

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